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Sewer Line Cleaning in Monmouth County, NJ

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your home and property, the last thing that comes to mind is your home’s sewer system. However, cleaning your sewer lines is vital for preventing unhealthy and unsanitary conditions, such as wastewater overflowing in your toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. If it’s been a while since you last had your sewer lines inspected, it’s time to get in touch with our sewer line cleaning professionals in Monmouth County, NJ.

At Belmar Plumbing & Heating, we use advanced techniques to clear everything from sludge and sediment buildup to tree roots from residential sewer lines. We don’t shy away from projects, large or small, and will ensure clogs do not rise up once again to haunt your plumbing system. To learn more about our sewer jet cleaning services, reach out to our team today!

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Are Our Sewer Drain Cleaning Professionals Near You?

Sewer drain clogs can quickly wreak havoc on your home and landscaping. For this reason, it’s essential to have a team of certified professionals ready to answer your call for sewer cleaning services. Belmar Plumbing is eager to be that trusted team for you and your family. With over 20 years of experience, we are prepared to address an array of problems at a moment’s notice.

You can find our sewer line cleaning professionals addressing concerns throughout Monmouth County, NJ, including the following communities:

Whether multiple drains throughout your home are clogged or you’ve had sludge back up into your drains, we can provide a solution to restore your sewer system’s condition. With our sewer pipe cleaning services, you can breathe easy knowing your plumbing is working properly.

Warning Signs You Should Schedule Sewer Cleaning Services

Your sewer line plays a critical role in carrying wastewater away from your home. Unfortunately, this line isn’t immune to problems. When the piping becomes clogged, you need a professional to clear the line to prevent extensive damage. How do you know if your sewer line is clogged? 

Keep an eye out for the following signs indicating it’s time for a sewer jet cleaning service:

  • Sewage or sludge backs up into your drains or toilets.
  • Your home smells strongly of sewage, no matter how often or thoroughly you clean it.
  • There are gurgling sounds coming from your pipes.
  • Your drains clog frequently.
  • Your home’s foundation is stained from excess moisture.

If any of these problems sound familiar, our sewer line cleaning experts in Monmouth County, NJ, have the solution you need. Whether using a sewer snake or hydro jet tool, we’ll safely and effectively clear the obstruction, restoring your peace of mind.

What to Expect From a Sewer Pipe Cleaning

Sewer line blockages are never fun to talk about, much less deal with. The good news is that you can leave the dirty work to our professionals! Our sewer cleaning company has been clearing clogs from sewer systems for over 20 years and has the tools and expertise needed to restore your system with minimal disruption. From small debris buildups to tree roots, we can address all of your sewer line cleaning needs in Monmouth County, NJ. Before cleaning sewer lines, we use a sewer camera to inspect your home’s piping and pinpoint the source of the problem. Depending on the severity of the obstruction, we will use a hydro-jetter or plumbing snake to clear your lines. The hydro-jetter is a tool that blasts a concentrated stream of water at high pressure. The water clears away debris and prevents new clogs from forming. An alternative sewer drain cleaning option is a plumbing snake. This snake is a motorized tool that plumbers can feed into a sewer system to break apart clogs or hook them out of the pipe. Our professionals will help you determine the best option for keeping your sewer line clean.
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Preventative Measures to Keep Your Main Sewer Line Clean

Maintaining a clean sewer line is crucial for the smooth operation of your plumbing system. Additionally, regular upkeep can help prevent costly repairs and replacements of damaged sewer pipes. But how, exactly, do you keep your main sewer line free of clogs? Try these preventative measures:
  • Dispose of Grease Properly: Avoid pouring grease down the drain as it can solidify and obstruct the sewer line.
  • Use Hair Catchers: Install hair catchers in your drains to prevent hair buildup.
  • Flush Only Toilet Paper: Dispose of hygiene products, wipes, and other items in the trash, not the toilet.
  • Tree Root Maintenance: Trim tree roots near your main sewer line to prevent invasive growth.
  • Professional Cleaning: Schedule routine cleanings with our professionals to remove accumulated debris.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Sewer Cleaning Company Today!

Drainage issues are not only frustrating; they’re also unsanitary. The good news is that Belmar Plumbing & Heating can provide a prompt solution to your sewer line problems! With quality sewer cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about wastewater flowing back into your home.


Get in touch with our professionals today for premier drain cleaning solutions that will restore your peace of mind! We proudly offer sewer line cleaning in Monmouth County, NJ, including Freehold, Manasquan, Belmar, Long Branch, Asbury Park, Brick Township, Wall Township, Tinton Falls, and Colts Neck, NJ.

Questions About Sewer Line Cleaning? Here Are the Answers!

The main sewer line has a larger diameter and may be clogged with solid debris, tree roots, or other obstructions that drain cleaners cannot dissolve. In fact, most drain cleaners can be harmful to the pipes. For this reason, it’s much better to schedule a professional cleaning to address sewer system issues effectively.

While bleach can disinfect drains to some extent, it lacks the power to break down and remove the solid obstructions that commonly clog main sewer lines. For such issues, it is best to seek professional sewer cleaning services to fix an obstructed line.

Hydro jetting is a highly effective method for cleaning sewer lines. It involves using a high-pressure stream of water to remove debris, tree roots, and grease buildup from the inside of the sewer pipes. The force of the water is strong enough to break up even stubborn clogs, restoring proper flow in the sewer line.

The cost of cleaning sewer lines can vary widely based on factors such as the severity of the clog, the length of the sewer line, and the location of the issue. Reach out to our team for a precise quote on your specific situation.

The duration of a sewer cleanout can vary depending on the complexity of the clog and the method used. Generally, a simple cleanout may take a few hours, while more intricate cases might require a day or more. Hydro jetting, for example, is often faster than traditional snaking methods. During a consultation, our plumbers can provide a more accurate estimate based on your specific sewer line issue.

Signs of a clogged sewer line include slow drains, gurgling noises, and foul odors. However, if these issues persist after cleaning or are accompanied by frequent backups, it may indicate a damaged sewer line. Our experts can perform a thorough inspection to determine the root cause of the problem and recommend necessary action, whether it’s a cleanout or sewer repair/replacement.

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